Monday, October 5, 2009

We are still having a whale of a time...

Jerry guiding Osprey through the rapids.

Claire and Grant at the helm while sailing down Johnstone Straight.

Humpback Whale doing a barrel roll.

Humpbacks canoodling.

Osprey at dusk in the Broughton Group.

Sunrise at Forward Harbour.

Entrance to Dent Rapids.

Since Port McNeill, we have sailed to a group of islands called the Broughton Group—numerous rugged rock-face islands across the south-end of Queen Charlotte Strait from Vancouver Island. They are probably all of our favorite group of islands that we have seen thus far. As we were motoring to our second nights anchorage we were once again delighted by the presence of hump-back whales. I don’t know if they were as happy to see us as the two whales were caught in a “private moment.” I think they were mating, and if not mating then at least canoodling! There was a lot of noise, splashing, and rolling around going on. Check out our pictures for evidence!

We have been blessed to see a wide variety of wildlife around Vancouver Island. We have seen Orcas, hump-back whales, porpoises (swimming a long side our sailboat), sea-lions, seals, sea-otters, black bears, eagles, and many sea-gulls.

Since Grant and I bought our wellies, it has not rained! The last four days have been sunny with clear blue skies. We even had enough wind to sail 5-6knots with our A-symmetric sail for three hours straight yesterday (in my experience wind usually comes with foul weather!) Today we motored through 4 sets of rapids: Wellbore Channel, Green Rapids, Dent Rapids, and Yucult Rapids. We were traveling 13 knots over the ground because of these strong currents. It didn’t help that it was a full moon two nights ago.

We are now anchored in Desolation Sound at Refuge Cove. We plan on enjoying the next couple of days exploring Desolation Sound, and then will make our way south to Jervis Inlet to explore Princess Louisa (aka. Malibu, for people who have done Young Life). We are all healthy, still enjoying each other’s presence, eating many loaves of home-made bread, and reading more books than I can ever remember reading. Please keep sending us comments. We love to hear from you all.


  1. such beautiful pictures! i'm so jealous. anna and i went to carly's baby shower this last weekend. she looks great, and we had a fun time talking all about the new baby wells, oohing and ahhing over all her shower gifts, and even squeezed in a trip to gonzaga. henry is now the proud owner of a red "i am really a bulldog" hoodie. he will be very excited to show it off to you when you return.

    sail safely,

    ps....uw is back in session, so i suppose that is exciting too!

  2. HI all - Beautiful and amazing photos. How about a brown bear photo next time! Those humpbacks looked awfully close and the whirlpools look pretty horriying. Wish you had bought your wellies earlier and you might have had nicer weather. I think you have had it better than we have had. Take care, Carol

  3. As a representative of C.O.W.S. (Canadians Offering Whales Sactuary) I remain skeptical of both your photos of said aquatic mammals and your true intentions while traveling through the Inside Passage. Rest assured we will be monitoring your progress

    Da Ol' Man

  4. I'm as landlocked as it gets these days ('confined' to military bases in California and Arizona) so I'm truly enjoying your travels through your blog. Thanks for sharing with us all. I was a Malibu gal, along with my sisters too. The passage to Princess Louisa is gorgeous. Its been over twelve years since I experienced the beauty so I'm looking forward to your pictures. Happy travels- Janet

  5. (In salty pirate accent) Shiver me timbers, thar she blows! When are ya bilge-sucking old salts going to weigh anchor in Oceanside and visit we land lubbers? Aye, me be privateering with the mermen in the briny deep off the coast of Pendleton so just cast me Jacob's latter when ya pass through and I will resupply ya with some cackle fruit and grog so we can splice the mainbrace and get loaded to the gunwales. Me hopes that drivelswigger Grant has spied Charlie Noble and be keeping the poop deck clean with his holy stone. If he not, me hopes he kisses the gunners daughter and gets a good flogging with the cat 'o nine tails!

    Fair winds and following seas you scurvy bilge rats!

    Captain Mike B.

  6. Great pictures crew! Beautiful and serene. Things in Spokane are good, raining this weekend and progressively getting cooler. Hope to see you soon! Love Carly