Sunday, September 13, 2009

Barkley Sound

After being defeated by the low-pressure storms to San Francisco, we decided to follow the southerly winds north around the west coast of Vancouver Island for the next month. What a relief to know there will be anchorages nearby to tuck into if the weather becomes foul again! We started our new adventure on Sept 11th and sailed back 40 miles north to Barkley Sound (where we had hunkered down for retreat the other night from the storm!) from Neah Bay/ Cape Flattery. What a difference a day makes. Instead of howling winds of 35 knots in the rain, we were pleasantly surprised with cloudless blue skies with 20 knots of favorable winds from the south. We were able to sail the whole way there and have enough of an appetite to BBQ salmon for dinner in Bamfield.

Below are pictures that capture our last two days. We anchored both in Bamfield, a small isolated fishing village inside Barkley Sound and then the Broken Group Is. We have watched sea-lions hunt fish in both day-light and night. (At night with all the phosphoresants, the sea-lions lit up the water. What an incredible site!) We have navigated through the thick fog that encapsulates the islands—thank goodness for GPS, radar, and electronic charts; and we even had a sunset after the fog lifted.

We are all in good health and are enjoying being able to anchor and sleep soundly at night. Thank you for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. We plan to sail north to Tofino and head to Hot Springs Cove the next couple of days.

Barkley Sound is inhabited by countless barking sealions.

Jerry roasting fair trade Sumatra coffee aboard Osprey with his Sonofresco 1lb coffee raoster.

Leaving Bamfield in style.

Grant went for a snorkel in the freezing water to remove kelp that
wrapped itself around the rudder during the storm.
Sunset while anchored at Jarvis Island of the Broken Group Islands.

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  1. Hi Jerry, Grant & Claire, We heard your news at the weekend and have just had chance to read your BLOG - Phew! I had goose bumps reading your personal entries and am so pleased you are all well & safe. You really have proved what a team you are. I'm so sad you have had to change your plans but admire you for making that brave descision. You certainly deserve to relax and enjoy your exciting trip North.
    We had a lovely time at Shaw this weekend, and thought of you all regularly, well safe travels and we look forward to hearing all your adventures Lots of Love & warm safe wishes .. The Edwards & Lucy! XX PS Thanks for lovely card Claire xxx