Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bon Voyage...kind of?!?!?

First off...THANK YOU to everyone that was able to make it out to our Bon Voyage party in Anacortes. It really means a lot to us that so many people made the effort to come out on a Holiday Weekend. We were even able to find a window when the skies were dry and the wind was manageable. A small crew of Jerry, Claire, Jacqueline, Emma, Sam, and Grant sailed Osprey out to Shaw Island, while Carol, Janice, Martin, Caleb, Dan, Sarah, and Matthew took the ferry out. We spent a lovely evening enjoying the last meal with all of our family. Martin educated everyone on the importance of eating cupcakes in one bite, Claire and I stretched our legs for one last run before spending a couple of weeks on the boat, and last minute preparations were made on the boat including a fuel top off at Friday Harbor. Now for the "kind of part...."

We can plan and plan as much as we want, but sometime God has other ideas. Humbling...

The plan was to leave Shaw early on Monday, Sept 7th, and head for Neah Bay, the western edge of WA state. However, related to the foul and wet weather we have decided to wait and leave Shaw at 10:30pm tomorrow, Monday the 7th. We will sail for ~20 hours to Neah Bay, getting our first overnighter under our belt. We plan to do 2 hrs on and 4 hrs off overnight at the helm. Thank goodness we brought a coffee roaster (thank you Robert) along with us so we can roast fresh coffee every night!

Till next time!

Grant, Claire, and Jerry


  1. What? No pictures? You slacker!

    BTW...the Fore-Runner had just enough fumes in the gas tank to get to a station on Commercial, thank God it was mostly downhill. Did find your kickin' shades and treasure trove of loose change.

    Da Ol' Man

  2. sorry matthew & teus & i missed the festivities! we're thinking of you out there. (so you must have another sarah & matthew who took a ferry out? or is that us in spirit... :) )
    bon voyage!!

  3. Yo! Ho! And uuuup she rises!

    Da Ol' Man